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Justin is nominated at the Billboard Music Awards 2014!

The Billboard Music Awards is an important award show, honoring artists and new artists from today’s world. The Finalists List has been published and Justin has been nominated in the Top Social Artist category, in which the winner will be awarded based on the most influential artist and the most successful in social medias. This category isn’t open for the public vote, therefore Billboard’s commission will be in charge to choose the winner. As for now Justin is currently leading Billboard’s Social 50, which is a positive point directly related to this category, in special (read more about the Social 50 here). 

The event takes place on May 18th, broadcast live by ABC from MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas. In the meantime, let’s cheer for Justin and hope he gets the award!

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The fact that Justin signed papers and then gave them to the fans he’s the best

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